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The pursuit of perfect quality,experience,green lighting,and enjoy a low-carbon life...
For the green , For the future.

Quality Assurance 
       Over the years, never expected, production, packaging, factory to product sale, KOE always with strict quality control and inspection system to ensure product quality.Testing is to ensure that consumers spend an important guarantee of quality energy-saving products.KOE factory for each product are produced in accordance with international test standards through self-test, process inspection and final product testing to ensure high quality energy saving products to market.

Quality control system
       KOE lighting since the establishment of the international market as the target market positioning, the implementation of ISO9001 2002 quality management system has passed the China Quality Certification Center (CQC), the Dutch Association of Electrical Engineering Materials (KEMA) the certification audit, obtained ISO9001 quality management system certificate.In the "high standard of design and production of high quality, high service" under the guidance of the quality policy, KOE constant pursuit of perfect quality management.To this end, the company set up.
       Quality Division - responsible for quality inspection throughout the production process, quality control and product reliability test, establish supplier quality management system, full implementation of quality management, and constantly improve the overall quality of the company and supplier management.Pick embryo plant - responsible for all foreign companies outsourcing parts to the factory co-detection and testing.
       This multi-level, comprehensive quality control and quality assurance system to ensure that each KOE suppliers can withstand rigorous tests, each of the parts have been carefully selected, each process has undergone a thoroughly tempered, each product all strive to achieve "zero defect"!

Production management

       KOE guarantee of product quality from almost all products from electrical and electronic design manufacturing, CNC machining of aluminum parts, product oxidation, assembly, packaging, are independent of production, can fully monitor the quality and ensure product quality.In order to obtain high productivity in the enterprise, excellent quality and great production flexibility, KOE is the implementation of Lean Management Act, with the advanced management applications in the KOE, resources will be available to more reasonable configuration and the full utilization of production management will continue to improve gradually automated production management.

Advanced technology

       KOE not only focus on technology, same time, through the advanced equipment, and continuous improvement of technological level, always maintaining the advantages of manufacturing; through a number of manufacturing and processing technology of understanding with the form of a high-quality,Efficient LED lighting production process.First-class production environment, first-class production line, first-class production technology.Constantly develop progressive and always implement the "best" principle, KOE in the production process will always lead the industry.

Rigorous testing

       KOE LED Lighting Research Laboratory: 2005 KOE introduced the world's leading lighting technology, equipment and senior personnel, set up a "KOE LED lighting research laboratory" dedicated to the development of new products and new LED technology.KOE has already has a number of core technologies and patents, R & D increased their strength.Since 2005 five years KOE has invested heavily in the lab every year, in terms of quantity, size and technical content are the industry's leading, KOE lab walk in the forefront of the national counterparts, and by the prestigious international certification authorization, the industry leading laboratory.

       Governments and international organizations professional certification is the process of enterprise management, more business commitment to the community and users.With superior product quality and excellent after-sales service, so far, KOE lighting passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification, KOE products have passed CE, CB, TUV, KEMA, CCC and many other international and domestic authoritative authentication , exported to Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Britain, Poland, Australia, Russia, 57 countries and regions.
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