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The pursuit of perfect quality,experience,green lighting,and enjoy a low-carbon life...
For the green , For the future.
People-oriented, enterprise Dexing, pursuit of excellence.

For consumers to create the most comfortable lighting environment.

Service concept
Customer satisfaction


Areas of the world's best quality LED lighting business.
Interpretation: that by providing customers with professional LED lighting solutions and best quality products in the global LED lighting (LED chips excluded) in the field, to achieve product quality, market share, the first three goals.Become a core advantage of LED lighting technology, to leading domestic and international technical standards for lighting LED lighting products developed advanced enterprises.


The pursuit of perfect quality, to provide green energy-efficient lighting, comfortable environment to create low-carbon.
Interpretation: The target customer needs to product quality as the core principle of green energy to the social responsibility, design, production, manufacture of green energy-saving lighting products and LED lighting systems to provide solutions and service support for customers to create low carbon lighting and comfortable environment for the world to contribute to energy saving.


Core Values
Technology, innovation, cooperation and struggle.
Technology - This is the core of enterprise culture KOE.KOE as a high-tech enterprise, has its own R & D team and LED lighting lab, master the core of the industry line of LED technology, and will continue ongoing efforts to promote technological innovation through the LED industry, technological progress.
Innovation - that is an inexhaustible motive force for sustainable development KOE.KOE always adhere to the technical innovation, business innovation and management innovation, to promote breaking the habit of thinking, to promote enterprise development through continuous innovation and growth.
Cooperation - which is a prerequisite for success KOE, KOE is always inseparable from the development and progress of every customer, every partner, every employee of a KOE and all have been, present and future co-operation and KOE and other parties.
KOE on the client: to meet demand and create value.
KOE on the partnership: equality of respect, mutual benefit and win-win.
KOE on the staff: to provide space for development and realize their dreams.
KOE on the other side: honesty and trustworthiness, to fulfill their civic responsibilities.
Struggle - this is the soul of enterprise culture KOE.Hard work is the traditional virtue, KOE were under no circumstances should remain indomitable spirit of hard work, constantly strive for progress, and business and grow together.

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