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The pursuit of perfect quality,experience,green lighting,and enjoy a low-carbon life...
For the green , For the future.
KOE Lighting renewed the whole image with brand development and starts to develop closer partnership with customers from different countries under our own brand.
KOE decided a strategic mode of development as marketing guidance, rebuilt its new image for domestic market, officially started a program of "Green China• Green LED".
KOE enlarged the whole product range in LED lighting of high level, created 4 categories of LED lighting products such as lighting source, electronics, home lighting, and outdoor lighting.
KOE made a significant breakthrough in structure and design for LED lights, successfully solved the main technical problems of decay and temperature in application, and developed its own heat-sink system and power supplies. Because of such development, KOE Lighting Ltd. established its advanced image in international LED lighting business, and gained respects from lighting experts from different countries.
KOE Lighting Ltd. built a new branch of production with the longest production lines in lighting industry at that time. KOE started to take a cover in high level market in middle-east and Asia from Europe.
KOE established its own LED laboratory. At the same time, KOE electronic products for lighting fixtures passed international certification.
KOE Lighting Ltd. became one of the first “garden factories” in the program of Guangzhou city.
The main products such as down light, spot light and etc. were approved for European standard in production and quality control. Many items were certificated by standard European laboratories such as TUV and KEMA. KOE Lighting Ltd. became one of the main suppliers of commercial lighting market of high level in European countries such as Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and so on.
KOE Lighting Ltd. established a mature quality control system for "only the best". The big improvement on quality control for production built the core advantage on competition in lighting industry.
KOE Lighting Ltd. was established, initially determining the European market as the target market.
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