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LED light industry, prospects of Shanghai World Expo
Increase time:2010-5-27 14:26:05

Compared to the noise of the day, the Expo is even more evident at night near a distance, to see the beauty of tilapia.  Not only "a four-axis Hall" and the Urban Best Practice Area of the landscape lighting complete with LED, there are more than 1 billion yuan worth of LED screens to display a wealth of video content.  In addition, LED lighting and new green led display technology is also the East and securities brokerage concern that is important clues Expo investment.
 The industry believes that this Expo will be a green light and a new display showing the brilliant epitome of urban low-carbon life, 6-month exhibition period there will be a model and guide the meaning clear; on the industrial application of new technologies and market the generation of positive impact. It has high quality green LED lighting products, KOE full range of lighting for the future will have more room for growth.
 It is reported that, LED is the acronym for light-emitting diodes, are widely used in indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and displays and so on.
 In addition to the "one axis and four museum" and the Urban Best Practice Area, the Shanghai World Expo Square, Area lighting, along with the landscape, identity and intelligent guidance system and some indoor and outdoor lighting also will be applied semiconductor lighting technology. Meanwhile, as an important content of the night to visit with all new lighting will be energy-efficient lighting tool. A research report that over 80% of the entire park night with LED, Expo Park will become the world’s largest LED demonstration area. As energy-saving LED lights more than 60%, so the concentration of such a large scale model also shows that China has become the largest and the market’s largest LED production country.

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