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Companies to participate in the Frankfurt International Lighting Fair a success
Increase time:2010-5-27 14:39:59
2010 Frankfurt in Germany and building lighting technology and equipment exhibition on April 11 -16 at the Frankfurt International Convention and Exhibition Centre, the exhibition every two years, is the world’s the largest lighting and building electrical exhibition. 2008, about 110,000 square meters of exhibition area, about 1,926 exhibitors, 116,000 visitors for the people, of which 60% of the free traders.
From the end of 2009, the company started its full international business unit to prepare participants, from booth design, new introduction to the image display are carefully prepared and designed, this exhibition launch a KOE full range of LED products in recent 2000 models.
KOE live show attracted a lot of foreign clients gathered to watch, the customer company’s products generally very satisfied with the quality and designs, immediately under the orders of customers very much, in just a few days of the exhibition site, the International Business Department orders the scene more than 300 million. KOE with excellent product quality and dedicated service in this exhibition has made brilliant achievements. According to the International Business Manager, this is the fourth time since its inception the Frankfurt International Lighting Fair.
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